Al Carroll

Dr. Al Carroll received a BA in History at the University of Texas at San Antonio in 1999, an MA in History at Purdue University in 2001, and a PhD in History from Arizona State University in 2004. At Purdue and ASU he received fellowships. He specializes in American Indian history, Latin American history, and the history of Mexico.

His dissertation, Medicine Bags and Dog Tags: American Indian Veterans from Colonial Times to the Second Iraq War, became his first book, published in 2008 by University of Nebraska Press. Subsequent books have been Presidents Body Counts: The Twelve Worst and Four Best US Presidents Based on How Many Lived or Died Because of Their Actions; Survivors: Family History of Surviving Colonialism, Genocide, and War; and The Nuagespeak to Plain English Dictionary.

He is a longtime human rights activist for New Age Frauds Plastic Shamans (NAFPS) at Forthcoming books include A Proposed New Constitution, a biography of Ira Hayes, and an alternate history work, Confederate Terrorism, Confederate Tyranny.